Chris Arnold & David Wright
v buckenham
Angela Chang
Jan de Weille
A. Dorsk
Nils Fagerburg
Josh Grams
Milton Läufer
Vinicius Marquet
Martin O’Leary
Alexandra Rose
Ardalan SadeghiKivi
Cristobal Scuitto
Andy Wallace
Ted Warnell
What wonders await? Watch stunning demoscene effects rotate through language; observe a Jovian moon being cratered with letters, and then, extend your voyage into color and resonant sound. See glyphs in generated Wunderkammern, read poetic code as it displays itself on the screen, watch a forest of language-trees grow and bifurcate.
Circles of vibrant colors vibrate and deflect in a tribute to Julio Le Parc. At a much more meditative pace, black dots form language, for a while. After work is done, pile those items in storage and see what you find in the night sky. One poem, evoking the organic, moves toward a stable seven-line form dynamically, another, made of numerals and colors, overwrites itself constantly in an assertive seven-wide grid.
Games are at play here too: The famous pyramid puzzle with snowball poems on each rod as well as a wobbly, interactive reimagining of tic-tac-toe. One of this issue’s offerings reconstructs a famous musician’s portrait, while another encodes a thank-you note from a famous scientist. Everyday wonders can be brought to mind when you take a virtual dérive — and when you’re ready to leave the screen, follow printed parageographical instructions to really get lost.
Each of the poems in Taper #7 is licensed as free software for you to use, study, modify, and share however you like.