Todd Anderson
Derek Beaulieu & Nick Montfort
J. R. Carpenter
Richard A Carter
Angela Chang
Leonardo Flores
Katy Ilonka Gero
Mario Guzman
Julie Hsieh
Hannah Jenkins
Milton Läufer
Mark C. Marino & John T. Murray
Allison Parrish
Leonardo Solaas
Yohanna Joseph Waliya
Zach Whalen
Flow though elegant couplets on undulant water and plumb oceanic depths to pursue fragmented verse. Take a pilgrimage in Spanish and Wixárika, in a day or half a minute. Whirl in regular three-dimensional cycles or see the smiles of unmasked, partying glyphs turn to frowns, and worse. Read rapid, twined threads of individual thought, get a feed of a square’s tweets, and then type into a phatic chat, as if keeping some link to others. Sense the world’s fragility through unstable French texts and live in unsteady language that manifests as an ever-changing word. Feel words stamped out in pagan pentagrams and face a wall of generated text that highlights the Christian duty to the environment. Watch words become toast and lines disappear into the horizon. Find your browser fit to be tied in the throes of error messages, let the limits of its window keep you bouncing off the walls, and scroll into ever-tighter typographical confinement.
Each of the poems in Taper #5 is licensed as free software for you to use, study, modify, and share however you like.