Jim Andrews
Chris Arnold & David Thomas Henry Wright
Angela Chang
Kavi Duvvoori
Jim Gouldstone
Alicia Guo
Michael Hurtado
Vinicius Marquet
Aia Meyer
Damon Duc Pham
Helen Shewolfe Tseng
Andy Wallace
Ted Warnell
Caroline Willer-Burchardi
David Thomas Henry Wright
Awash, pacing, converging, expanding, revealing, swirling, nested, inscribed, emplotted, quizzical, descending, extensive, amazing, torrential, diurnal, spiralling, staticky. The poems in this issue span, as often, a wide range, providing an impossible overflow of reading matter and an ever-shifting analphabetic maze. One packs phrases into a file system’s hierarchy. Guess the answer to fill in blanks in one case and use the observer effect to settle on a cat’s particular property in another. Now, is that cat a particle or a wave? See how the browser can capture it falling through space.
Felis catus isn’t the only creature featured: A jaguar tracks words through a sparse forest. A fox’s tail grows almost imperceptibly. One poem speaks of a human-scale irregularity alongside the regular passage of the day; another shows bread spontaneously forming from constituents. Phrases roil as if forming a ring of Hell, become the ink for your drawing instrument, and slowly appear in a contemplative path that you can uncover. Spinning lines about a new sort of time compel a reading in a new sort of time. After an enigmatic static start, click to find generative texts drawn from Murakami Haruki. Finally, but not least, plunge into a pair of liquid visual poems, one presenting a flow of circulating numerals (swirling faster if you use Chrome) while another lets out psychedelic rain.
Some of these poems may happen to work on tablets and phones, but some will not function properly or at all. Taper is intended for experience on a notebook or desktop computer, where you can use “View Page Source” to see the code as well as the authors’ statements. Poems are best experienced in Chrome or Firefox.
Each of the poems in Taper #9 is licensed as free software for you to use, study, modify, and share however you like.